Hang out with your (creativity) out

Everyone needs an outlet.  I, personally, need a place to put all of my creative nonsense. I write poems, stories, free verse, and other such things and I post them online.  I  like  need to have one place where I can post my self-indulgent thoughts and other creative loons can stroke my ego with their words.

Without further ado, here’s my place:


Check it out.  Let me know what you think.  Leave me a comment and tell me where your creative space is.  I’d love to check it out.  Next time I’ll post something way more interesting.

As always, keep it real,



Liar, Liar pants on fire

Everyone lies. Yes, even you lie, anonymous reader shaking your head in disgust. If you’re still saying no, then you are, in fact, lying right at this moment.


But why? Why do we lie? There are those who lie to avoid trouble and those who lie to get what they want. Some people even get a thrill from lying, so they do it just for fun. The most common lies told involve love and money. Go figure. Here are the top three types of lies:

The White Lie:


Don’t let the term ‘little white lie’ fool you; these are not lies told by the man to keep you down. No, these are just small lies that seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Most of these are the lies we tell to spare feelings. “Of course that dress god-awful doesn’t make you look big fat pregnant cow” or “I would love to see that stupid looking movie with you.” If we’re not using our little white lies to boost others, we’re using them to make our selves look better. “I donate ridiculous amount of money to any generic cause/charity here ALL the time.” No you don’t. Tossing a couple of pennies into a coffee can marked ‘donations’ once or twice a year does not give you permission to use that small contribution to get some ass. 

Lies of Omission:


Lies of omission aren’t lies that are given outright. They are lies that are done by leaving out information. For example, a mother asks her teenage child where they were all day. The teenager replies “I was at so-and-so’s house.” Well, yes they were there at one point, but they also went to notorious thugs house to do whatever hip new stupid thing is in right now (huffing paint, sniffing glue, eating cat litter, who the hell knows).

The Big Lie:


These lies take a lot of work on the part of the liar. They have to paste together a story with enough truth in it that if the receiver of the lie (let’s call them the lie-ee) decides to investigate, some parts of the lie come up legit. The lie can’t be to detailed so that the liar can remember it, but it can be so vague that the lie-ee doesn’t believe it. The most common of these lies are regarding affairs and finances (love and money again… hmm…)

What makes a good liar? Confidence and justification. The best liars are confident in their lies and themselves, and they even feel justified in what they’re doing. If you’re thinking ‘I’m great at detecting lies,’ you’re probably wrong. Most people can only detect lying about 50% of the time. Honestly, you might as well be guessing with those odds. In fact, only one in one thousand people are excellent lie detectors, so to speak. The reason they’re so good? They are masters of observation. They are able to detect subtle changes in body language, tone of voice, or even just inconsistencies of the liar’s story.

It turns out that dating sites are not the lie breeding grounds that we think they are. You need to be able to lie just enough to meet the person face to face, but not so much as to have them turn and run when they see you. Women typically lie about their weight (what’s new?) and men lie most about their height. While we may not be lying online, we lie the most on the phone. Why is that? Because there’s no written documentation of the lie. We can say things like “I never said that” or “you must have misheard me.”

FUN FACT: The average person tells approximately 3 lies a day. Here are mine:

1. “I just want to get the apartment unpacked as soon as I can” (I do want the place unpacked, it’s just that I don’t want to be the one doing it).

2. I don’t have a pen on me right now because I’m outside doing laundry. Can you just email me the paperwork to fill out?” (Lie. I was outside smoking, but as medical assistant who is working on a degree in health and wellness, I figured I’d keep that oxymoron to myself).

3. “Can I call you later? I’ve got to get this assignment done.” (Well…. I did need to do that assignment… but it’s not actually due until Thursday… and I was really just watching a Criminal Minds marathon)

Let’s hear your lies of the day.

As always,




Left Side, Strong Side

I was texting with my good friend Si when she sent me this text: “did you know: lefties used to be forced to use their right hands?”  As a lefty myself, I did know this.  In fact, I had faced this injustice many times myself (um, no Mr. Bossy PE Teacher, I can’t bat right handed because I’m a lefty and my brain doesn’t compute any other way… jerk).  I was, however, curious about other facts regarding lefties that I didn’t know, and the World Wide Web did not disappoint.

We have a day! August 13th is International Left-Handers day, so get out there and get down with your right brained, left handed selves. Wooo!

I wish there really was a leftorium.

I wish there really was a leftorium.

Since the days of the Neanderthals, lefties have always been few.  Researchers in Kansas made this determination by studying the teeth of the Neanderthals.   That’s right, their teeth.  When Neanderthals would process animal hides, they would put the hide in their mouths, bite down, and work the hide with their dominate hands.  This revelation helped them determine that most Neanderthals, like most people modern day, were in fact right handed.

Lefties are more artistically inclined than righties are.  We’re better at divergent thinking (the process of generating ideas that explore several solutions).  Because of this, we are more inclined to pick jobs in the arts as well as sports (which we are more adept at because it’s harder to find a lefty training partner than it is to find a right handed one, giving us the edge).

This is a lovely depiction on lefty brain.

This is a lovely depiction on lefty brain.

Here’s a fun fact: approximately 10% of the population is left handed, and approximately 20% of people with schizophrenia are left handed.  I don’t like these odds one bit!  Turns out, lefties seem to have a higher volume of psychological disorders.  This is due to how we are wired.  On the plus side, we have less arthritis and ulcers than righties do, so I guess that’s something.

Speaking of psychology, the most interesting facts I found involve emotions and how we handle them.  Lefties tend to be quicker to anger, more easily embarrassed, and more easily frightened.  This has to do with which hemisphere is more dominant.

The left brain controls the right side and the right brain controls the left side.

The left brain controls the right side and the right brain controls the left side.

Righties are left brain dominant, and the left brain is where we process things analytically.  However, lefties are right brain dominant, and the right brain is where we process things on an emotional level.  This means that as we receive information, it’s processed from our dominant hemisphere first, then our other hemisphere.  Pretty neat, huh?  Now, if you’re a lefty and someone calls you a Drama Queen, you can say “hey! I’m not a Drama Queen! I’m just processing the information with my dominant, emotional hemisphere!”

Some Famous lefties include Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama; Prince Charles and Prince William of England; musicians Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Paul McCartney; scientists Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Benjamin Franklin; artists Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci; and historical figures Alexander the Great, Charlemagne and Julius Ceasar.

Thanks for reading, folks, and enjoy your fun new knowledge!